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Axon Tejarat Pasargad Co.

Axon Tejarat Pasargad Co. is active in field of minimal invasive surgery of spine (MISS). Our company has focused on supplying IRAN’s finest hospitals and surgical centers with the high quality products and innovative ideas so that doctors can trust us. In order to facilitate a reliable cooperation with our costumers, we have established a service system including : sales and marketing, after sales services, and optical fiber supplement. Also following system of patients is one of important parts of our company to satisfy patients.


We aim to distribute medical technology and medical equipment in order to help doctors to have better healthcare system. Our first responsibility is to the patient, whom we serve by creating distribution lines filled with high quality products. Doctors know they are getting services they can recommend, and implement with confidence.
We know that when we serve patients and doctors, a great service is provided for manufacturer.


There are over 24000 spinal surgeries performed annually in Iran. But in most cases which are not severe, MISS will be more effective. Fortunately these days our surgeons and pain specialists are interested in Percutaneous Laser Disc Decompression (PLDD) and patients welcome this method regarding to its less complications. During these years our team has been specialized in field of laser discectomy and its services.

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