Cervical PLDD

Herniation of cervical discs can be treated effectively using minimal invasive PLDD procedure with a low complication rate. Because of the complexity of vital adjacent anatomic structures, it should only be performed after intensive training by a qualified interventionist with appropriate experience.


Percutaneous laser disc decompression (PLDD) is a procedure in which herniated intervertebral discs are treated by reduction of intradiscal pressure through laser energy. Approved by the FDA and recognized by the AMA, PLDD is a minimally invasive laser treatment performed on an outpatient basis using only local anesthesia.

Lumbar PLDD

Herniation of lumbar discs may cause radicular low back pain or weakness in leg or foots. PLDD has shown a great effectiveness in treatment of lumbar disc herniation. Most patients treated by PLDD method indicate decrease in back pain after one week.

Reasons for using PL3D™

PL3D™ has an ergonomic handpiece with a fibreglass locking mechanism and a smoke extraction system to remove the intradiscal pressure caused by disc vaporization (worldwide patented).

- External power meter to check the fiber output before its introduction
- Exclusive system to mantain the fiber optic sterile during the power test
- Statistical number of pulses, total applied energy and control of emission time
- Intuitive and easy to use program

“I feel like a new man after treating my vertebral disc prolapse with laser. This technology has returned to me my life”

Carlos, 48 years

Discectomy with PL3D™

Percutaneous Laser Diode Disc Decompression with INTERmedic's PL3D™
(980nm diode laser)

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Axon Tejarat Pasargad Co. is active in field of minimal invasive surgery of spine (MISS). Our company has focused on supplying IRAN’s finest hospitals and surgical centers with the high quality products and innovative ideas so that doctors can trust us. In order to facilitate a reliable cooperation with our costumers, we have established a service system including : sales and marketing, after sales services, and optical fiber supplement. Also following system of patients is one of important parts of our company to satisfy patients.
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